What is "Ho'oponopono?"


Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of seeking forgiveness, a way to connect with the higher power through the cleansing of your thoughts and feelings.


I was introduced to Ho'oponopono by Joe Vitale and the great teacher Dr Hew Len. I have seen many seminars, many are available online and I have learned so much by forgetting or erasing. Imagine that there are two of you, an inner child that is pure, your connection, your link to that higher power, whatever you may call it. God, the Universe, the Divine, Budda, the name doesn't matter. Then there is your other self, the one you are conscious of, your thinking self, the one who is reading this. When you were born you were pure too, just like your inner child. Then you started to gather data, pictures, sounds, smells and tactile senses. It is these senses that built you a map of your world. This remember is just a map, it is not the real world and is usually very inaccurate.


Budda was quoted as saying that the path to enlightenment is the path that leads you home, back to yourself. In Ho'oponopono this is what we are helping you to do. To remove the incorrect data, to get you in alignment with your inner child, that spirit that links your directly to your higher power.


How can You use Ho'oponopono?


There are many simple cleaning tools available to help you erase data and cleanse your thoughts. I will list the ones that I use on a daily basis here:


Blue Solar Water: Water that has been solarised by being exposed to light whilst being in a blue glass bottle. Blue solar water is a few steps away from the more highly cleansed "Love Water". I drink it in squash, in tea and coffee. I add it to the washing up and the washing machine. A few drops is all you need to take effect. I make around a pint a day and this does me fine.


Dew Drop: Another great cleaning tool. You need an unsharpened pencil with an eraser on the top. to activate simply hold upright and say "Dew Drop". Now you can touch things to cleanse them with your pencil. Cleanse your computer, you mobile phone, cleanse your paperwork and any letters. Anything you want.


Ice Blue: "Ice Blue" is something you say either out loud or in your head to cleanse whatever or whoever you are thinking about. I use this when I touch a tree or a plant as it passes healing between BOTH parties.


Jelly Beans or MnMs: These sweets have built in cleansing abilities. Leave them around the house and at work and as people eat then, they work away to clear the data.


Candy Canes: Candy canes are the great sweeping up cleansing tool. Candy canes erase all the data that the other tools may have missed. All you have to do is eat one. How easy is that?!


Vanilla and Hot Chocolate: Two more tools for cleansing. Have a hot chocolate before bed. With vanilla you can eat it as in ice cream, I also have a vanilla candle burning in my office to clear the whole area of unwanted data.


Bad spirits from your mobile or computer: If you have a mobile phone or computer or other device connected to the internet, bad spirits can come to you through these. Simply place a small glass of ordinary tap water near the device. I started to use my mobile phone as my bedside clock and started having bad dreams. Since placing a glass of water near it at night, has stopped them.


The reason behind this website is to bring forth the power of love. Ho'oponopono uses love to create all kinds of miracles. Think of a person or you could think of a business or something and send them love and forgiveness. Picture them in your mind and say " I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you". On a morning I go through my family and friends whilst laid in bed and you can short cut the longer phrase to " I love you, thank you". This is just as effective.


Most people can get or make their own cleaning tools very easily. If you want, you may purchase them from our order products page in the main menu. The thing which benefits each and every product here is that they are a hybrid of Ho'oponopono and the Hado effect. Twice the effectiveness. Good luck with finding your path, I love you, thank you.

blue solar healing water
ho'oponopono vanilla
ho'oponopono jelly beans
blunt pencil and eraser ho'oponopono